Classic does not mean old fashion. Arte represents 'classic' in a modern composition. The purity of the white high gloss surfaces exudes lightness while the artistic veins of the white marble quarts lends an air of classicism; achieving a timeless and unique look to any home. Elegant tall units combine functionality with style. With a stylish and sleek island that is clearly a form of art, one experiences a freedom of expression from conventional kitchen counter tops. ARTE - the starting point of your creative home endeavours.


Matera creates a unique appeal with its metallic effect and handle-less aesthetics, catching the eye with dynamic, delicate scratches that create the special effects of brushed steel. A unique combination of sleek lines and open shelves turn the kitchen into a personalised living space. MATERA - from the Sleek Linear collection - for a modern, definitely different kitchen.


Unforgettable moments around the kitchen are best spent in pleasant surroundings; and the new Naturel Elm kitchen from Signature Kitchen’s Simply Natural collection fulfills these desires. The basic principle for the Naturel Elm kitchen is simply about the warmth and character of wood in subtle yet elegant textures that give your kitchen its own personality. Offering the highest quality with a natural look and feel of its surfaces, the true beauty of Elm emerges in rich and distinctive wood grains, bringing nature into your kitchen…. Going beyond conventional kitchen set-up elements, the Naturel Elm kitchen expresses character and lightness through interesting bi-colour effects using the interplay of natural wood grain and the delicate lightness of white; enabling homeowners to create unique bright living spaces and a cosy ambience that centres around the kitchen. NATUREL ELM - for those with a passion for the natural beauty of wood


Appreciate the style of living…. with the All-New Super Matt series from Signature Wardrobe A timelessly functional wardrobe that fits perfectly in any environment… With anti-fingerprint technology, the all-new Supermatt doors comes with soft, muted color palettes that will work seamlessly with your bedroom, and are perfect for the family home because you don’t see the finger marks on the doors. SIGNATURE WARDROBE ….for timeless elegance and functionality that fits perfectly in any environment…


A New Twist to the Minimalist Kitchen Design. Wood is back. Because it exudes warmth and naturalness, wood is timeless, and will continue to enjoy great popularity over time. The earthly tones of wood, distinguished by its graceful horizontal wood grains, forms an exciting contrast with the smooth, glossy finishing of the glass surfaces. Marbled effect in the Quartz worktop and splash back adds character and an air of luxury to the entire kitchen system. The Virginia Walnut collection - creating a new twist to the minimalist kitchen design.